“A slick mix of funk, ska, blues, and soul with heavenly horn lines that will get your booty shakin' and your feet shufflin'”


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As you may know by now we've started a Spotify playlist called Horns Make Happy with all kinds of music from different genres. Here's another silly Christmas themed video we made to promote it. It's a bit rude so click with care. You can check out the playlist on our Music Page.

We've been hitting up some awesome bands with horn sections on Spotify so we've decided to start a playlist called Horns Make Happywith all kinds of awesome music from different genres from funk to soul, ska to reggae and back again. Here's a silly video we made to promote it and get some audience input on what we should put on it. You can check out the playlist on our Music Page .

So we mentioned we're releasing a single soon... Well if you saw us post the launch event in Sydney last night you now know what it is... If you didn't watch this video to hear Ben play a solo acoustic version of it on ABC Canberra. So... who's comin' for a road trip to Sydney with us March 24??? If you can't make it please tell your Sydney friends to head down to Create Or Die in Marrickville for some funk, soul, and a little rock n roll.

Release Announcement!!! We're going to be releasing a track in a few weeks! To start with it's going to be available exclusively through triple j Unearthed so here's a quick how to guide on how to rate and review us there so we can get on their charts. If you have a sec jump and rate/review the tracks we already have up there to help get us on the radar in the leadup to the releases1713

It’s here! It’s now! Our very own online Merch store! East Row Rags on spreadshirt! Two designs (so far) and a huge range of merch options! %15 off Feb 22nd-25th! Get it while it’s Hot!

Your party soundtrack for the weekend is sorted!!!! We’ve updated the Horns Make Happy playlist on Spotify... naturally it’s time for another ridiculous video!

Release update! 'One for the Kokonut' is #5 on the triple j Unearthed roots chart and #49 overall! Thanks to all those who have rated and reviewed so far. If you haven't yet head to our page on triple j Unearthed so you can download the track for free and leave a rating and review. "How to rate" info in this vid. If we give it a push this week we might be able to get a spin on ROOTS N ALL next Monday! Thanks for all the love y'all

Check out our new cover video with snippets of all three singles and clips of a bunch of you bueatiful people dancing your butts off! Tag a friend if you see them in there and you (and them) may get picked for some freebies (EP launch tickets, CDs, and Merch on offer)